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That yearning blue from holiday postcards .. that blue that diffuses a million drops of light as you dive in .. that endless, floating blue of sun-warmed waves .. that blue .. Yep, THAT blue. Scooped up, bottled, available whenever you want to jump in. And you will want to ..

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DESCRIPTION: A dusty blue linear holo base with UCC flakies shifting through green, blue and gold.

APPLICATION: Opaque in 2 coats. Dries to a shiny, smooth finish.

  • Mix and match with other shades from the Elements collection - you will be amazed at the versatility and cohesion of this collection.

Weight: 0.054kg

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Based on 1 review
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  • PC

    (In my bed)


    Every now and then I take a dip (groooooan) outside my comfort zone, and this was last year's toe in the water (aaaarghh) for summer.

    Like so many of Wikkid's* polishes pix really can't do it justice as it comes alive out of the bottle. An absolutely stunning blue with runnels of glitter and toning flakies coming together to form a dancing tropical sea, with sunlight bouncing off the tips of waves and shattering prismatic holo droplets. This is one where you keep looking at your nails in different lights cos It's all so twinkly.

    It's also one that sparks creative ideas - I know, I know, me and "creative" usually ends up in someone calling the emergency services - but this is one of those polishes that can take centre stage alone or work harmoniously with a ton of different colours and effects. This plunge (snaaarl. Will somebody please hit her with a hammer until she stops with the horrendous puns? Thank you) into new territory was a definite winner.

    A magnificent polish. Sarah, you dun good! Now make it in every colour.

    * Haha - autofup tried to make that "Willies." Made me laff cos I am five.