Violet Magenta


Another eye-searing belter from our secret source, this sizzling purple creme is enriched with a little extra purple, offset with the teensiest hint of purple and finished with a precisely calibrated shot of purple; Starship Wikkid is on course as we boldly go into realms Beyond Purple. Phasers at the ready!

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DESCRIPTION: Deep violet creme.

APPLICATION: Opaque in 1-2 coats. Dries to a shiny, smooth finish.


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Based on 1 review
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  • PC

    (The Asylum)

    This is just....*dribble* good it should be a meme. Hmmm. ...

    "Gerls! Arse! Drrrrink! Purple!


    "The name's Purple. James Purple.


    " No, Luke. I am your Purple" (my fave. I like pretending to be Darth Vader. I have the looks for it)

    It's just so incredibly, fabulously purple that it defies description. And I am a purple fanatic; show me anything wandering around in the gap between red and blue and I'll steal it off you, so there comes a point where, sadly, there's nothing new to nick and they won't let me in shops any more anyway. But VM IS new - I don't have anything quite like it, it hits the sweet spot right where the fierce pinks end and the blue purples start yet somehow keeps the vibrancy of both. If you're into purples you probably think you have something similar but if so, I've never found it so I think we have another unique Wikkid Winner *cheers, clapclapclap etc*

    It's also incredibly versatile, a real any-occasion-year-rounder. I'm all for the whole Jedi sparks thing and this is a spectacularly vibrant colour, but it has a completely different vibe with a matte top coat - I would say an "adult vibe" (I kind of ruined that by continuing to flail about making whoooshy light-sabre sounds) because it's one that will carry through work but still vamp you to the max if needed. Probably best to reign in the light-sabre dance if you're going for vamp, tho. Maybe that's what I'm doing wrong?

    So another Proper Purple Dun Properly by the Queen of Purple, but a really unique take on it. Beautiful.

    Now excuse me, I have planets to blow up. Whooosh....whoooosh....bzzzzZZZZTTTCRACKwhooosh...