Vespera !! ONLY 1 LEFT !!

  • Vespera !! ONLY 1 LEFT !!
  • Vespera !! ONLY 1 LEFT !!
  • Vespera !! ONLY 1 LEFT !!
  • Vespera !! ONLY 1 LEFT !!
  • Vespera !! ONLY 1 LEFT !!

A tantalising gothic femme fatale, Vespera beckons you with her sultry charms. Ghostly shimmer wisps dance over the blackened base as cobalt firebolts hint at tumultuous, unseen depths barely contained. Layered, faceted and intense, Vespera is the definition of diva!

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DESCRIPTION: Bright blue metallic flecks in a black base.

APPLICATION: Opaque in 1-2 coats. Dries to a shimmering, velvet-like, smooth finish.

  • And divas have to have a sequined gown, so bling our beautiful Dark Lady up with the flakie topper she inspired. Intensity, drama, power .. with shiny bits!
  • This dark ingenue is the perfect backdrop for a galaxy-mani-with-a-twist. A hint of silver glitter, a smidgen of our own Star Dust - the universe is your playground.

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  • PC


    At last! I have finally found my beloved, one and only, til-death-us-do-part and all that malarkey. Vespera and I are getting married and shall live happil -

    What d'you mean, "can't marry a nail polish?" Huh.

    *thunks is thinked*

    Vespera and myself are eloping to live in sin for all eternity, death-us-do etc etc etc. If you do blues, blacks, diva colours in general, you NEED this polish. In fact, you need it even if you DON'T do blues, blacks etc., cos this colour could pull the fluffiest pink fairy to the Dark Side.

    It's actually really hard to describe - the base is definitely black, but not a solid, opaque black, so the effect is that of endless layers of the finest chiffon veil to create an overall density with extraordinary depth. And this effect enhances the blue, so in just two coats you end up with this multi-layered intensity that looks far more complicated. It's so hard to explain, but everything about V is just a little bit different - and that makes it a winner for me!