Vamp by name, irresistible by nature. Smouldering dark chocolate melts into a blazing red; with this polish there is no doubting you are hot! With fire at your fingertips, let them do all the talking ..

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DESCRIPTION: Creme thermal base. Warm = vampy red; Cold = dark, chocolatey red.

APPLICATION: Opaque in 2 coats. Dries to a satin matte, smooth finish.

  • Add stamping or nail art to match the cold colour and get a sexy peek-a-boo effect when your nails warm up. Ooh la la ..

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    Oooooh I do love it when laziness is rewarded.

    We all love the fancy gradient thing that looks so effortless and promises bomb results, anyone can do it you just can't go wrong blah blah blah blah...

    I can go wrong. Very easily, in fact. Tbh, I can't even do the first step and get the rubbery barrier on without getting stuck to the bottle, so you can imagine the end result after several polishes, bits of sponge, dab-dab-*=\-:&!# :-( oh bloody cat, I love you but not now- SHIT!!!.....oh yes, I can go wrong. The end result always looks like I just stood in a room full of nail polish and waited for the explosion, then I walk away from the disaster zone and soothe myself with a nice multi or glitter which give all the effects and none of the aggro.

    But I love the effect, and I especially love vampy red combos so this ticks all my boxes. This was the first thermal-switch polish I'd tried - I wasn't convinced by the hype but I knew if Wikkid was knocking it out, it actually worked - and it really delivers. The colour change is dramatic, from an absolutely edible rich, dark chocolate to a slamming red, and of course the transition is seamless. Yes, your colleagues/friends/blind date/the judge will whinge when you keep sticking your fingers in their drink just so you can watch the full spectrum effect, but it's not your fault they have no imagination.

    PS and fyi - the colour-change properties of this have a limited life-span but I've had my bottle about 18 months and it's still going strong. But it's a nice smooth polish, a little thicker than the norm but still very easy to work with so it will stay in my collection as a standard creme whenever the fairies escape and take the magicky magic with them. Nobody wants to waste nail polish (or money!) so just be aware that it will, eventually, convert to a creme which is the "cold" version of whichever colour-change polish you have chosen.