Ultra Shine Top Coat


This is THE top-coat, whether you're needing an out-the-door quick dry or something dense enough to smooth out the most bling of glittery manis. Our advanced formula gives that wet-look glossy finish superfast with no shrinkage, protects against chips and ensures your colour against fading. The perfect way to make the most of every mani.

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INSTRUCTIONS: Apply a generous coat over your colour, wrapping the free edges for the perfect finishing touch.

  • Apply another layer of top-coat when your mani is 2-3 days old and it will completely refresh your look.


Weight: 0.054kg

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Based on 1 review
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  • PC

    (Currently in NP heaven)

    Doesn't shrink.

    There, how's that for a lukewarm review? Except....

    DOESN'T SHRINK!!!!!!!!

    Wikkid Gals know their NP, so I'd guess most of you have already found your holy grail base n top. If you're good, you're good. If you're me, the ℅$°[÷π¡ manufacturer stops making it and teddy gets thrown out of the pram at huge velocity.

    There can't really be a universal top coat because we're not universal (whoever made me had the plans upside-down, for starters) and one person's great is another's meh. I'm very lucky in that my nails are strong and healthy, but the payoff for that is longevity. So I don't get gripey about chipping; it's the quid-pro-quo for nails that aren't dry and/or flakey, but shrinkage annoys me.

    This IS a fast-dry topcoat, although it takes longer than the really rapid ones like Seche. But I'll gladly trade a couple of minutes dry-time for no shrinking - it's the fast-dry ones I have this problem with - and it still has a really nice shine. Wikkid polishes are rock-solid so I've usually changed my mani before it chips anyway, and this certainly keeps up with no chips and minimal wear.

    Ultimately, if you have your preferred brand that's working for you, then happy days. But if not, or even if you just want to try something different, this is affordable and well worth experimenting with. It's a bog-standard fast-dry top coat done well and for everyday use its a winner for me.