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There's no place so far that even Wikkid cannot reach, so we bring a little fairy twinkle to the brooding majesty of Triton, whether he likes it or not (honestly, these giants are such drama queens.) A sparing mix of holo fires across his blued steel visage, wrapping the Dark Prince up in the mercurial joy of the Holo Dance. And he loves every tiny flicker of it, as will you.

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Sorry, this item is out of stock

DESCRIPTION: Multichrome base shifting through purple, indigo, gold, magenta and green with linear and scattered holo.

APPLICATION: Opaque in 2-3 coats. Dries to a shiny, smooth finish.

* Available without holo.

  • If Ophelia and Pallene had a baby, his name would be Triton. So why not welcome the whole holotastic little family to mix 'n' mingle? Triton is insanely shifty, so he'll play happily with any number of colours.
  • His sister polish Elara pulls him into the light, Dione brings out his green. Honestly, it's harder to find things that DON'T play nicely with our boy, despite his stormy mien.

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  • PC

    (Prostrate at the Witch's feet)

    Sarah? Have you broken Fizzix?

    I don't usually buy the holo versions cos I'm cheap; I buy the straight version and slap one of the holo toppers on. But the cat is on rations* this month cos I just HAD to have all the things - saw the pix and all of a sudden my willpower had somewhere else to be really quite urgently. How was I even supposed to resist when said willpower was on the no.32 bus?

    So. I have both versions of Triton and a pissed-off cat with bling claws (well, I'd run out of fingers.) I'm fairly sure this incandescent beauty is what they use to shoe unicorns, it's that unearthly. It really looks as if the universe was just sort of melted down then poured across your fingers - it's not chrome or mercury or titanium, it's somehow all of them plus who knows what that Sarah has obviously dug out of the centre of some massive all honesty, I'm not entirely sure Triton exists in this universe. All those clever people building a gigantic atom-smasher thingy are standing around feeling a bit sheepish and superfluous, cos all they needed to do to find new elements was have a look in Wikkid's cauldron.

    So. A furious maelstrom, the swirling heart of a gigantic storm engulfing the world as we know it; raging silvered fire powering inexorably down, down to the finite point deep inside the heart where all possibilities are born...with twinkly bits.

    *this is not true. I'M on starvation rations - well, Pot Noodle (known as Hot Poodle chez moi) and we all know starvation is the better choice. The cat is on her normal diet of moondust, diamonds and boiled unicorn hoof...stupid veterinary diet.....sure it's not necessary, costs a bomb.....but love my fluffy...mutter huff grumble etc.