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Dark, brooding and unimaginably far away, this silent satellite tells his story in this enigmatic multichrome marvel. The silvered titanium base segues into a rich smoked purple with flashing bursts of coppered greens and woody browns, leaving you with "I have absolutely no idea what colour this is. But I love it"

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DESCRIPTION: Multichrome base shifting through purple, indigo, gold, magenta, green and hints of cyan.

APPLICATION: Opaque in 2-3 coats. Dries to a shiny, smooth finish.

* Available with holo.

  • Combine with a dark red shimmer - we know you have one or twenty, we all do.
  • Take a hint from our Dark Ladies and go goth, pairing this with the beguiling beauty that is Feronia for lissome, shivery glamour straight from the future. A single accent nail, a bang-on-trend French tip or geometric, blocky lines; this combo is truly stunning

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  • PC

    (The Naughty Step)

    Because SOMEbody round here is never wrong....

    So.....why the Naughty Step? Why has your most illustrious reviewer, not only been placed upon the Naughty Step but actually superglued to it? Yes, I know it's To Think About My Behaviour, but what am I supposed to do for the other 825,614,083 years? What calumny bought about this sad state

    I'm not saying that punishment gets a bit Draconian round 'ere, nor would I dare even think about conceiving the teensiest smidgenette of an idea that possibly, just possibly, Sarah isn't one gabahabatrajazillion percent right about everything ever. And I love Wikkid, I really really reeeeeeeeeally love Triton, and I have already been warned by Mr.Sarah about the perils of pointing out his dearly beloved might just perhaps be a I dare not even say it. We still haven't worked out how to remove him from that place where she stuffed him....or how she did it. Tho we hope that, with plenty of rehabilitation and therapy, we can get him down to a sensible 36feet tall and overall half-inch diameter.

    But we have a quandary, cos reviews have to be honest. And I WILL be honest, I just want the safety of knowing I'm far enough away and still accelerating before I dare tell you what got me into this pickle. The Andromeda galaxy and light-speed should just about do......yep, I'll just hide behind this comet. This nice big, dark, it's safe to tell you now. Probably. eek.

    I called Triton "grey." Shiny, fabulous grey, that best-sort-of-grey that gets made into Terminators (the good Terminators, the ones that are all shiny and gloop together in a little puddle that looks just awesome) and for which we think boss nails/psychopathic killing machine is a reasonable trade. And it's only even grey at all - remember, really good shiny shiny shiny grey with extra shiny bits - when caught at just the right angle for a fraction of a millisecond, after which it's bounced off into one of those other 745,391,036 colours that make you wonder if you spread LSD on your morning toast again.

    But apparently it's not grey at all. Ever. CLANK! Oh god, she's got the Throwing Cauldron out. I'm doooooomed.

    Ps. I like grey. Obviously I'm wrong about that too, but it's not grey anyway so lalala, everybody's happy, there, see? Bunnies and puppies, bunnies and puppies....