The Wikkid Story.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.

Once upon a time ..

.. in a land that looked very much like the bottom bit of England a trainee nail polish addict was developing; a young girl called Sarah was stretching her pocket money for the few brands accessible to a tiny back in the Dark Ages.

As Our Intrepid Heroine grew so too did her collection, both spreading their wings across seas and brands until realisation came; despite a gabazillion polishes, despite having pretty much every colour made by every brand in the history of ever, despite having no room left, still she was tormented by the colours she saw in her mind.

Eventually the clamouring grew overpowering and our brave girl realised the only way she could ever silence the calling was to give those combinations life herself, even as she knew this dangerous odyssey had claimed many brave adventurers as grist to the noble cause. So OIH packed up, picked up her cauldron and took herself deep undercover to infiltrate the Cabal, Keepers of the Bling.

Thus began a long journey, faithful cauldron clanking behind her every step of the way. Together they braved frozen wastelands and burning deserts of the earth, hitched a ride on Apollo to drink in the mystery of the heavens (and acquire a bucket of precious moon dust, natch) then further still into the unknown, taking notes all the way on the glorious palettes of nebulae and stardust throughout our universe and beyond.

And finally the fateful day came; Sarah found herself at the hidden entrance to the Fairy Kingdom, unlocking the world of magical Linear Holo seas, the Flakie Mines, the iridescent Unicorn and sparkling, beguiling fairy dust shimmering everywhere. And OIH did there frolic with the fairies, dancing through the Enchanted Forest, harvesting the dew, frosted cobwebs and crystal waters that all form the Sacred Art of the Sparkle.

The Fairy Queen eventually relented and, recognising a kindred spirit in this strange human* allowed the first and only contract - and it is absolutely iniquitous, never bargain with fairies - allowing Sarah unfettered access to the treasures of the Secret Realm.

And so, safely back in reality, Wikkid Polish was born to share the fruits of this awesome adventure. OIH has the knowledge, the materials and most importantly, the imprimateur of the Unicorn to bring you the wondrous colours that, until now, have only been accessible through the lens of imagination. That is the story of Sarah, and she invites us all to join her wherever it goes ..

*rumours that Queenie also realised Sarah was never going to leave otherwise are entirely unfounded. Alright, mostly unfounded.

The End Beginning.