Drown in this darkest indigo night sky set with twinkling scattered holo and a magnetic shot of purple evoking our own Milky Way; a totally immersive 3D universe reaching as far into infinity as your imagination.

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DESCRIPTION: Blue/pink/purple shimmer base with micro holo flakies and a striking purple magnetic shot.

APPLICATION: Opaque in 2-3 coats. Dries to a shiny, smooth finish. See Tips and Tricks (Magnetic Polish) for more info on using magnets with this polish.

  • Create an instant galaxy with the "cat eye" effect for the ultimate chic mani without the drama. But Taboo is a rare beauty alone - you get to play god, deciding if you want galaxies, nebulae or anything else. The universe is your canvas; set your inner megalomaniac free!

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    Possibly the most fun I've had since I was about five.

    I love magnetic polishes but we all know the deal - big thick coats of polish, somehow hold the magnet about a millionth of a micron above it without even the tiniest shake and, if you're lucky, you'll end up with part of a pattern across part of your nail. Reality is often a smudged nail and globs of polish all over the magnet in an ever-increasing mess over ten nails. I'm usually stuck to the bottle by then.

    Maybe I'm just incompetent but if any of the above sounds familiar you'll love these Wikkid magnetics. The magnets come in different shapes so you're not stuck trying to match a very curved nail to a straight magnet, and the polishes have plenty of the magnetty magic particles so watching them rush across your nails is part of the fun. Well, it is if you're me. Um.

    And the effects are just insane. Taboo is absolutely my kind of polish, a deep night sky set with clear stars twinkling away, but wave the magnet over it and WHOOSH! That alone would make it a winner, but it's impossible to describe the finished effect - whatever pattern you create with the magnet literally dances before your eyes, a fierce magenta streak diffusing through every shade of pink/purple against an indigo backdrop. Pure mad.

    And pure fun. I'm going to paint the house with it.