Star Dust


The endless vista of our starscapes in all their intricate complexity are suspended in this intriguing polish. Topping pure white for an icy twinkle in the winter sun, layering a scattering of diamonds over our regal cremes or recreating the heavens on a dramatic dark backdrop, Star Dust is limited only by your imagination.

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DESCRIPTION: Clear base with silver scattered holo.

APPLICATION: This polish is a topper and should be worn over a base colour. Brush 1 coat over the base for a subtle touch of holo, or build up the depth with additional coats. Dries to a smooth finish; add top coat to bring out the sparkle.

WIKKID TOUCH: You need suggestions? This topper works on EVERYTHING!


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  • PC

    (Holo paradise)

    Star Dust is my best friend. We're inseparable. And, unlike human besties, it doesn't think 3am is just the perfect time for a drunken catch-up (there is a reason I am doing my nails in the middle of the night, and it's babbling on at me right now. Thank god for Wikkid, otherwise I might actually have to pay attention to whatever he's yammering on about*.)

    Oops,that was a segue. Ahem. Where was I? Oh yes, just about to open the bottle and let the heavens sing....

    This is my go-to, ride-or-die, love, honour and obey holo topper. There isn't a one-size-fits-all answer to the holo question; some prefer the rainbow shimmer of a full-on linear holo, some want larger/smaller holo particles or in greater/lesser density. They're wrong, obviously - you can lead the unicorn to the holo pool, but making it drink can end up with a horn in an unfortunate place. But for me, this is perfection - a smooth, crystal-clear full shine base that distributes a perfect suspension of holo glitter. No gloops, no clumping and fantastic slip every. single. time.

    We all know that feeling when we finally get out hands on our chosen Holo Grail, but there's an unanticipated bonus - we think of holo toppers in terms of our favourite colours, but this little dip into the waters of Lake Fabulous can also transform meh :-( into wow :-) !!!! Those Colours™ (er...don't we? Please tell me this is not just me) that just hang around in our collections, the ones that don't-quite-work but we keep in the aaaah...ummmm.... pile for whatever reason; those are the colours that have been waiting for the Star Dust magic. There is nothing in life that cannot be improved by a really good holo topcoat, and this is a Really Good one. So good that I'm painting it on my bank statement, confident it can turn even that horror into something pretty.

    *have done nails, have admired them, have written this review...and he's still going. Still hasn't noticed I have entirely checked out of this "conversation" either. Could've sworn you needed a minimum of two people for one o' them, but apparently not.