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Velvet black night on the precipice where reality blurs and a pure snowy owl drifts across the eldritch scene as we come, called to the Sacred Circle. Tension builds, a low susuration and electric crackle until, with a final eruption of ultimate purple, the Seal is confirmed. The ceremony complete, we melt back silently into the darkness ..

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DESCRIPTION: Bright metallic purple.

APPLICATION: Opaque in 1-2 coats. Dries to a shiny, smooth finish.

  • The stunning Allegiance is the perfect cloak to offset this wondrous purple. Because more purple, obviously. More purple is the answer to everything.

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  • Coven Alumni

    (Sitting round the fire)

    Purpling Intensifies

    So......a little while back, myself and She Who Must Be Obeyed* were debating the Big Ishoos, most importantly the state of the world in terms of pink glitter and general bling. In other words, I was having a moan, part of which was the general lack of metallic polishes around atm. SWMBO then suggested "maybe nobody wants them anymore?" and had to resuscitate me via jump leads, a Ford Ordinaria, and a promise she'd never repeat such heresy. I'm of a delicate disposition, you know. I stick one finger in the air whilst drinking tea n everything. NobodywantsmetallicsmutterhuffridiculousIbloodydohuh.

    Six months later and the purpliest purple metallic eva purples forth and holy fireballs its glorious. Probly had nothing to do with our convo cos she does the sensible thing and doesn't actually listen to my blithering on but I'm claiming it as my inspiration, my polish, my purple. And nobody else can have any. 'S mine. Just know that if I hadn't stolen it all, you'd be buying the most intensely nutso metallic it looks like melted purple foil, but also has this fierce silver shimmer that should mess up the metallic-y thing but somehow doesn't and glows so brightly you could find your way home in the dark. Somebody really needs to check whether the Sarcophagus is sealed cos the only way to account for just how bright this is isn't legal and has she been mixing things in Chernobyl (again)? Oh well, who cares if I go green? This magnificence is worth it.

    So I'm really doing you a favour. I had to take all this because purple this loud is probably illegal and it was a very nice thing for me to do. It's for your own good; you may thank me. Now....where can I hide all these bottles so nobody else gets their sticky paws on the gloriousness?

    *we had the convo after she'd made her feelings very clear about being called "the old bag" in a previous review. Oh dear....