Rubidium (Rb)

  • Rubidium (Rb)
  • Rubidium (Rb)
  • Rubidium (Rb)
  • Rubidium (Rb)
  • Rubidium (Rb)

Ravishing ruby .. or is it? Heart of garnet? Warm, metallic plum? Rubidium isnt giving up her secrets easily, as she smoulders within darkened boundaries hiding .. what? Like all our Catalysts, she is constantly changing, beckoning, promising, all to enmesh you in her story. Can you resist the irresistible?

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DESCRIPTION: Maroon/plum base with infused micro holo sparkle.

APPLICATION: Opaque in 2-3 coats. Dries to a shiny, smooth finish.

  • Vamp her up with black; glitter, holo, tape - throw anything at this one, she's strong enough to take it.

Weight: 0.054kg

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  • PC

    (No idea yet)

    Oh for ℅=°$$™¡ sake. Evolution needs to get a wiggle on because all the catalysts are My Favouritest Eva and I don't have sufficient nails. Whoever is in charge of sorting out the extra hands thing, I need four more pairs plus a spare for when the cat inevitably wins the I-will-chew-your-hand -off-if-you-don't-stop-painting-my-claws tussle we engage in regularly.

    I can't resist tho. I'm breaking into the neighbours bedrooms and giving them stealth manicures at night because I can't choose any single one of these amazeballs polishes. And I can't even fall back on the old "beautiful polish but application is bleeurrrgh" avoidance technique because they are up there with some of the very, very best - usually there is some kind of trade-off for really exciting, unusual and new polishes but not here, they all glide on like silk; it's impossible to wrap your head around the fact these are new and not a tried-n-tested staple. Each of these has a certain unique something and for Rubidium, that something is versatility - with Astatine or Xenon there's no doubt you are making a statement but Rubidium can be business suit as easily as ballgown.

    Sigh. It's all too hard. Whoever thinks first-world problems aren't utterly traumatic needs to try and choose just one of the Catalyst Collection and wear it FOR A WHOLE DAY - and I promise, you'll be a gibbering wreck, your brain will be chugging so fast that eventually its little hamster wheel will burst out of your ear in a ball of fire. And you still won't have even narrowed things down...

    Anyone got any Valium?