Ring neodymium magnet

  • Ring neodymium magnet
  • Ring neodymium magnet
  • Ring neodymium magnet
  • Ring neodymium magnet
  • Ring neodymium magnet

Another genius one, this ring magnet is perfect for any nail, any size, any shape and its clever design makes a much steadier hold. Wear it like a ring and just hold your nail near it or use the inner curve for a complete wraparound pattern, a cat-eye, a fade in any direction .. the possibilities are endless with this one.

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INSTRUCTIONS: Hold over wet polish for 10-15 seconds, long enough for the magnetic particles to hold the pattern once the magnet is removed. See Tips and Tricks (Magnetic) for more info on [usage and using magnets responsibly].

  • With your third, fourth and fifth hands*, create a stunning s-shape by holding two magnets in opposition at either end of your nail and watch the particles dance.

* Unfortunately, we cannot tell you where we get extra hands. The Authorities get all judgy.

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  • PC

    (In my pram)

    Any of you who have seen my other reviews (you poor things) will know I am a zen, chill kind of being*. Not the sort who would ever get aerated about flat magnets and curved nails, so no magnets have been hurled from this pram at velocity and never have I so much as uttered a slightly defeated oh-deary-deary-me as yet another magnetic mani fails to turn out like the pretty pictures.** A gentle sigh, a wistful shake of the head and an eternally shining optimism pervades as I get out the acetone....

    So I have no need of a CURVED magnet to fit CURVED nails (bugger me; whodathunk?) thereby saving stress, tantrums and decapitated teddies, simply because I'm eternally calm and never get stressy about anything. Don't you just hate people like me? (It's ok, I'm chill about that, too, man.) But I remember the days before Enlightenment*** when the whole flat magnet/curved nail thing caused tantrums of epic proportions chez moi and several eardrums would have been saved from implosion on the curved back of this fabulous little ring of genius.

    * Ha ha ha hahahaha

    ** Altho I'm determined to make Cat's Arse the next Big Thing in magnetic manis. Move over, classy cat-eye streak of brilliance; make way for the Splat.

    *** Spelled V-A-L-I-U-M