Ring neodymium magnet


Another genius one, this ring magnet is perfect for any nail, any size, any shape and its clever design makes a much steadier hold. Wear it like a ring and just hold your nail near it or use the inner curve for a complete wraparound pattern, a cat-eye, a fade in any direction .. the possibilities are endless with this one.

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INSTRUCTIONS: Hold over wet polish for 10-15 seconds, long enough for the magnetic particles to hold the pattern once the magnet is removed. See Tips and Tricks (Magnetic) for more info on [usage and using magnets responsibly].

  • With your third, fourth and fifth hands*, create a stunning s-shape by holding two magnets in opposition at either end of your nail and watch the particles dance.

* Unfortunately, we cannot tell you where we get extra hands. The Authorities get all judgy.

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