Purple Haze

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  • Purple Haze
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  • Purple Haze

"Whaaa? But it's not purple?" I hear you cry. But the electric pinkurple of this fantabulissimo topper will haze you all the way to purple and beyond, so dig out your white stilettos and get dancing round that handbag!

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DESCRIPTION: Sheer duochrome base shifting between magenta, amber and gold.

APPLICATION: For best results, brush 1 or 2 coats over black or any dark base. Dries to a shiny, smooth finish.

  • She's not with us, the floozy. Never seen her before, Officer. Honest ..

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  • Jimi Hendrix

    (Kissing the sky)

    Just add hippos.

    So.....your most illustrious reviewer* did the whole topper thing, loved the whole topper thing, bought the whole topper thing hook, line, sinker, fisherman, bait bag and dog walking past on the riverbank. And did acquire many a bleh then threw most of them away and got propa ones from Wikkid and it was a thing and I did the thing and I'm over the thing now and really can't be bothered any more and it's an extra step and really, stick a fork in, that's how done I am and I'm just not up for it any more, no more toppers for m- HOLY #"%¥™[=¢¡ WILL YOU LOOK AT THAT!

    Utterly, disgracefully lurid furious purple topper worthy of the great Jimi himself, this is THE polish for those of you that like to upset the neighbours. Bloosh on some black, slosh this over then let the point-and-mutter begin, you floozy. Not that you'll care cos you'll be rolling out of a taxi at 3am with one shoe, fourteen spent glowsticks and a small, bewildered hippypottymus called Archibald that you picked up somewhere along the line. And no memory of any of it.

    Sooooooo....apparently I'm NOT over toppers. Good to know.

    *Translation: PITA