Phosphorous (P)

  • Phosphorous (P)
  • Phosphorous (P)
  • Phosphorous (P)
  • Phosphorous (P)
  • Phosphorous (P)

A lucent, spectral blue constantly dancing into the edge of pink then, just as you think youve captured her she twirls away, leaving a phosphorescent aura of sparkling holo twinklies. This is the light baby of our collection but make no mistake, she can keep up with her sisters!

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DESCRIPTION: Violet/blue base with infused micro holo sparkle.

APPLICATION: Opaque in 2-3 coats. Dries to a shiny, smooth finish.

  • This exquisite stunner burns with a vibrant flare when used as an accent, fade or gradient with a midnight blue. We've all done the galaxy mani, now we have that that post-sunset luminescent glow.

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    It's a good job Wikkid are affordable - get just one of the Catalyst collection and you'll want them all. They're just spectacular.

    And if you get this one, you'll see why it's called "Phosphorous" the second you try it. The photos are fantastic on this site (props to the swatch girls) but a million A1 pix could never show the depth of these polishes. The blurb tells us it's a lucent (eh?) blue, and I assume lucent means the glow, because this has some sort of magical aura. I can't even pin down the colour - like the others it's not exactly a chameleon but there are definite ethereal shifts and it has some kind of glowing blue heart akin to a gas flame.

    Application is the usual butter-smooth Wikkid we expect and it builds to full opacity in a couple of coats. But of all the Catalysts this one particularly gains from a dark base for additional depth, and if you pair it in a set with dark blues it shines like a backlight in a dark room.

    Beeyoootiful. I need a bucket of it, please.