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Polishes that shimmer with different colours.  Absolute heaven!  Stunning in their own right and perfect for use as a nail art base.

  • Some polishes in this collection have a one coat application and can be used for stamping.  Check out the "Coverage" tab for individual products or search all one coaters/stampers.
  • See the Holo collection where you can find some polishes from this collection available with added scattered holo.

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Serene Aquamarine
Serene? Ha! There's nothing serene about this little beauty! A bright, eye-catching, iridescent green. Also available with scattered holo.
A Blur of Azure
A vibrant shimmering ocean blue. Totally breathtaking ...
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La La Lilac
A soft, gentle polish with a pinky/lilac duochrome shimmer. Heavenly. Also available with scattered holo.
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A beautiful purple with a blue shimmering haze running through it. Also available with scattered holo.
Coppa Feel
A light, bright copper shimmer polish - perfect for Autumn. Also available with scattered holo.
Black Gold
Black creme with an exquisite gold shimmer running through it. Total indulgence!
Electric Blue
So bright, it will make your hair stand on end! This is bottled electricity! Also available with scattered holo.
Tikka Masala
Reddy/orangey creme with a delicious gold shimmer. Yummy!
Pure Velvet
Treat yourself to this vibrant violet with a voluptuous vibe. Dries to a satin-like velvety finish.
Sweet as Candy Pink
Really girly, pretty pink shade reminiscent of candy floss. Also available with scattered holo.
Hot Blink
It's not a Blurple - it's a Blink! A hot pink with a beautiful blue shimmer running through it. Hubba hubba ... Also available with scattered holo.
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The Apple of my Pie
A crisp and bright apple green with a delicate shimmer to create a lively finish.
A Boudoir in Bordeaux
Seductive red with a subtle shimmer to make you shiver
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Golden Moss
Beautiful khaki moss shimmer with a shot of magnetic gold
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