Ophelia (H)


Because when a polish already has everything going on, there's only one thing to do. Add more. And more in this case means a precisely balanced blend of holo, giving that twinkle fix in perfect complement to this intense multichrome.

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DESCRIPTION: Multichrome base shifting through indigo, violet, fuschia and blue with linear and scattered holo.

APPLICATION: Opaque in 2-3 coats. Dries to a shiny, smooth finish.

* Available without holo.

  • We've already added more More. There won't be any More left if we put more in!

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  • Me

    (Over there...or there....or....?)

    Fiiiine. Just siphon my bank account

    Just fyi, when you do a review it always says "Review Body" and it makes my inner eight-year-old titter everytime.

    To be fair, Ophelia's body is dribbleicious - I think she was one of my earliest purchases from Wikkid. But anyone who reads any of my reviews (you poor things. You'll be rewarded in heaven) knows that I am a) cheap and b) lazy. And the cognitive dissonance causes my pore bwain to go into meltdown - do I buy the holo version too because yum, or slush the lovely StarDust over the straight version? What to do? Will that be the same? Am I missing something? Oooooo......aaaaahhhh......grnngggghhh.... don't know. I'll just sit here and rock until it all goes away....Mummy.....nudey bleh... hold me, Teddy, never leave me.....

    Then Elara happened. And I got both versions because Elara is just a giant-chocolate-covered-cream-doughnut-with-extra-sprinkles of a polish and I couldn't choose, not even with Teddy's wisdom and guidance. And now I'm comprehensively ahem'd, because no, sloshing StarDust over is not the same. Stunning, but different.

    Using any holo top coat gives a specific effect, whereas the polishes with holo infused are softer, somehow. This retains all the mind-mashing shifty lunacy of the original, and it has that very definite holo "ting" when the light hits, but in a subtler way than a holo TC. It's reeeeeeally pretty, and I'm glad I got it, but just Elara and Ophelia, don't need both versions of the others. Oh, except Triton, I needs both versions of him. Otherwise no, we're good.....but Dione....oh, deffo. And Europa....oh. Oh dear.

    Nuts. I'm going to have to sell Teddy.