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Jewelled colours flash past in a fantasy of blues, purples and pinks in this intense multichrome. Ophelia oozes elegance and she can power you from business suit to slinky evening gown, adding instant panache as she goes.

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DESCRIPTION: Multichrome base shifting through indigo, violet, fuschia and blue with tiny hints of bronze.

APPLICATION: Opaque in 2-3 coats. Dries to a shiny, smooth finish.

* Available with holo.

  • Ophelia is the perfect backdrop for easy additions that give dramatic impressions. Play into her drama with gold or offset her with silver, she's as demure, demanding or diva as you choose.

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    Freshly squeezed from fairies every day

    Ophelia was one of my first polishes from Wikkid and it started a long and passionate affair with the brand. Ophelia was my undoing...

    Although more widespread now, a few years back the shifty polishes were harder to come by, expensive and didn't live up to the blurb - call me strange, but I don't carry a full lightbox rig around, so every purchase from a beautifully-lit photograph of a multishifty wonder followed a well-worn path; no matter the hype, the wait, the hanging-off-the-postman's-leg-wailing, I always ended up with the same dull, thin, and often eye-wateringly expensive bottle of purest meh. And then Wikkid hove into view and the photo of Ophelia just screamed at me. The inner voice of reason also screamed "you know they never work, don't fall for it" but fortunately, after several years of intense practice, I am now a pro at ignoring the inner voice and it's accompanying overdraft (they're such good friends, it'd be mean to break them up.) Unlike many indies, Wikkid is priced within reach of us plebs so it was worth taking the punt anyway, and I am so glad I did because Ophelia is e.ver.y.thing and more. The shift is truly incredible; the cobalt blue with darker purple in daylight is so different from the rosy pink with gold bolts under house lamps that it's hard to believe it's the same polish. Every time I wear it I find myself trying to catch out my own hand in a futile effort to pin down the change - Ophelia IS the red dot and one day I WILL catch it!

    All these shifty marvels are carefully calibrated as the polish wizard has to hit the fine point between colour saturation and the multichrome effect, but this comes to full opacity with three coats (or two, maybe even one, over black) and it really is as intense as the photos suggest. I have no idea to which nefarious agency Sarah signed away her life, but if it results in polishes like this, her immortal soul is a very reasonable price. She's dispensable; me not having Ophelia is not an option.