The Wikkid philosophy in a bottle. We're not into FOMOs or xMOs, LEs or any other alphabet soup because that's not how we do. Once it's in our line it'll be there when you come back; get one, get a whole collection or get none and just look at the pretties, they're not going anywhere. This is Wikkid Polish; bottled Attitude with a big scoop of lairy. And sprinkles.

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DESCRIPTION: Bright purple/pink/blue shimmering base with blue metallic fragments.

APPLICATION: Opaque in 2-3 coats. Dries to a shiny, smooth finish.

Weight: 0.054kg

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  • Important person

    (On my soapbox)

    Bit of a rant, really

    It won't come as much of a surprise that I luuuurve Wikkid Polish, it's pretty obvious from my lengthy and incoherent bletherings. And I'm going to attempt to be serious for long enough to tell you why *clears throat importantly and steps up onto soapbox* dammit I just fell through it. Ow.

    Right. OBviously it's great polish at a great price and she sends me sweeties and that alone buys my undying loyalty, so anything on top of that comes as a bonus and the bonus in Wikkid's case is the brand ethos. I totally understand FOMOs, LEs, seasonal collections and all the rest of it, especially for indie polish makers because who wants to be stirring up buckets of the same old colours over and over? Why, when the profit is all in the newest shiny thing, not do the logical, sensible thing? Knock out newbies, limit them and kerching, job dun. Better business and way more fun, it's a no-brainer - I would, and I would advise anyone else to. Why not?

    Well, me is why not. Most of us would love to have unlimited NP funds and most of us don't cos banks are utterly unreasonable on the mortgage vs sparkly things issue; I can't afford all the things RIGHT NOW. I can't afford to buy a twelve-piece collection four times a year. I hate that chase-it feeling, the lemming thing, the fear of buy-now-or-never, and logic is sod all use in these situations as it sails out of the window in favour of lustful dribbling. Just no no no no, Do Not Want. When did a fun little treat turn into this labyrinthine mind-game that we can never win?

    Wikkid is the NP maker who remembers what it's like to be a NP buyer. Possibly. Tbh, logic, common sense and business acumen probably got slung out cos the mad Witch didn't think they were sparkly enough.

    And they've got a sentient Cauldron. Nobody else has one o' them.

    What? Oh, the polish? Lairy purple, flecky, sparkly, wondrous thing that has this mental teal sort of flash that breaks physics. Is she channelling Einstein now? I am a right sucker for purples. Purple all the things.