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The flower of Demeter invites you into her eternal story. The gentle whispering of blues and greys drift like silvered ashes, a poignant totem of her loss as time fades beloved memories. But ethereal as her winter months are, Spring always returns to lift the veil and restore her joy.

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DESCRIPTION: Shimmering thermal base with aqua and gold iridescent flakies. Warm = light, silvery blue; Cold = darker blue.

APPLICATION: Opaque in 2 coats. Dries to a matte, smooth finish.

  • Watch the colour and flakies fade out of existence in this haunting, thermal polish. Myrtle is a natural matte, but she's every bit as wonderfully vague if you give her a shiny top coat.
  • Although she already has her own unique flakie take, she can be mixed 'n' matched with any of our flaky toppers or given a completely different feel with a gentle touch of Bronze Dust for a contrasting glow.

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  • daisy


    I love this product. both shades are beautiful and Is very easy to apply. I would recommend to anyone!