Matte Attack Top Coat


Many of our colours are designed specifically to show you a different side with the matte touch. A vamp becomes a velvet ingenue; a vibrant colour bomb shows a softer side, and you get to decide the persona on display. Because why have one when you can have two?

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INSTRUCTIONS: Apply one or two coats to clean, oil-free, polished nails ensuring to cover all of the shiny area. Wrap every coat over the free edge of your nails to create a seal and prevent lifting.


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Based on 1 review
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  • PC


    The story of me and matte polish is long and troubled (insert saga here.) End result; this is the only matte top coat I use.

    There seems to be a fine line between matte and chalky and this one stays firmly on the right side of that line. It's the usual easy application I expect from Wikkid, and the end result is a soft, velveteen matte which still allows fine detail to show, meaning it can be used over anything without killing the more subtle effects. The overall look is soft and cushion-like, rather than the very flat 2D effect of some matte polishes.

    It's a goodie. Me likey.