Inspired by the intricate inlays in treasures worldwide, this blue .. well, what isn't this blue? Dark yet pale, deep yet light, vibrant yet dusky, the colour palette ranges from intense cobalt to delicate cornflower, all dancing with the inner fires imbued by the holo gods. So twinkletastic, we had to make up a new word for it.

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DESCRIPTION: Bright blue base with intense linear holo.

APPLICATION: Opaque in 1-2 coats. Dries to a shiny, smooth finish.

  • You'll hate me for even suggesting this, but this is stunning used as a watermarble with a deep blue, green or even straight black. We know the whole thing is a mighty pita but just sometimes it's worth all the bother. And this is one of those times.

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  • A. Boffin


    Stop breaking logic

    Really. Stop it.

    So there's this really huge atom-smasher thingie to answer some of the Big Questions, like why is quantum theory utterly mental and what izzackly was the super-inflation post big-bang and will the universe turn itself inside out when we turn it on and wouldn't it be a bummer if that wasn't even us turning it on, just the cleaner fumbling for the lightswitch and oops, the universe has gone up its own bottom. We'll laugh about this one day. Er.

    Anyway, we built it, it's huge, and we're sitting there with bated particles hoping we find out something cos this thing cost a coupla quid. But it's gonna be good, we need to know what happens at the far reaches of light speed and all this hugely expensive, hard-to-understand-stuff is the only way, just let the clever people do their thang.


    You could stuff the sad fizzicist in the cupboard to have a good cry because Wikkid's gone beyond lightspeed here already and bought back this to prove it. No gigantic atom-smasher, no whiteboards covered in mad squiggles, just some optical impossibility in a bottle. A perfect lapis blue by day defies logic by getting lighter at night and that's not supposed to happen; Einstein wants a word. Add flash photography and it glows so brightly aliens will use you for a landing beacon. You're out there partying up a storm, being followed by a string of flying saucers all trying to land on your head.*

    So Wikkid's broke fizzics, the scientists are very salty about it and can we turn the atom-smasher thingie into a skate park? Apart from anything else, wearing this you'd leave blue trails behind you and that would be v cool. I'm off to to set up a petition; the CERN skatetunnel WILL be a thing...

    *This is aaaaaaall true. The voices in my head assured me and they've never let me down yet. Oh, except that time with the custard tsunami...we don't talk about that. They're a bit embarrassed.