It Takes Two To Tango


The dance floor is on fire but our delightful duo only have eyes for each other as they blaze a trail into the hottest dance out there. He twirls, she swirls and all eyes are riveted, caught up in the thrilling drama of it all. Has anyone got a fan? Or a bucket of water? Surely this cannot be legal!

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DESCRIPTION: Bright neon orange lightly infused with scattered holo micro glitter.

APPLICATION: Opaque in 2-3 coats or apply over a white/coloured base. Dries to a slightly textured finish; add at least 2 coats of top coat or an ultra-shine plumping top coat to enhance the holo glitter effect (please see NOTE below.)

  • Black. Water-marble (or fake, we won't tell) or stencil, free-hand or stamping, doesn't matter. Just find your inner Tigger and make him bounce!

NOTE: Due to the complexity of balancing very dense neon pigments with holographic sparkle, this polish has a particularly fine microglitter that is slightly less intense than our standard holographic polishes. Please follow our application suggestions to make the sparkle pop, and please understand that, by necessity this polish cannot have our usual holographic blaze as it dulls the neon pigment. As with all holographic polishes, the effects are enhanced by incandescent or flash lighting but if you would like a little more oomph, use Star Dust or any similar polish as your first top coat.

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