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Aaah .. the ancient art of trapping the perfect blurple. Elusive and shy, by nature it defies description as it darts through the blue spectrum picking up every shade along the way. Blue in sunlight, violet in lamplight, rich purple by candlelight, everything .. all in one go!

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DESCRIPTION: Purple base with blue shimmer.

APPLICATION: Opaque in 2-3 coats. Dries to a shiny, smooth finish.

* Available with holo.

  • Matte it. You know you want to ..

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    (Inside a UFO with the Magic Space Aliens. They're)

    This is one of the quieter - yes, you read that right. Howling blurple is what passes for quiet chez moi - colours from Wikkid, but is one of my faves.

    We all love the blingtastic glitter h-bombs, but colours like Grapeaway really sort the premier polish-makers from the eejits with a bucket and a big stirry thing who think this whole NP thing is girly and easy. But the less complicated a polish, the more every aspect has to be right because there's nothing to provide a cover-up. This is one of my favourite colours, every manufacturer toys with some version of it at some point....and there are fails galore. I don't know the technicalities or the whyfores, I just know I have slung out fails of similar colours from some big brands and been generally shouty and grumpy about doing so.

    So for whatever reason, this is not a forgiving colour. There's something about certain colours/finishes that give you no quarter; unless you can get the perfect application of the perfect formula, every single hiccup gets magnified to the nth degree. But this IS perfect, or the nearest to it I have ever come across, with that perfect amount of slip to allow self-levelling but no flooding, or any of the brush stroke/patchiness/clumping in ridges etc. that is the bane of certain colour/finish combos. With very little effort you get that almost-plastic effect which shows this colour to its maximum beauty.

    And what a colour. Being Wikkid, it was never going to be "just" blurple, was it? It's about fifty thousand* different colours depending on lights and angles, so sunlight brings out a brighter blue with almost a pink cast, one movement takes that into true blurple territory, a shift of light brings on a steely blue....what you think at first is a relatively simple colour isn't at all, and there are umpteen different shades hiding round the edges.

    It's gorgy. And even if you've done the blurple thing and given up due to....well, how crap most versions of this colour are, give this a try. Cos it's lush.

    *would I exaggerate? Never!