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This coveted potion is mixed in an ancient rite by the elite; Mistresses of the Craft with the power to gather, select and contain the eldritch concoction that, after careful curation - and the occasional explosion - becomes the all-conquering Flake Me, THE topper to enhance any base and complement any colour. To see is to believe ..

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DESCRIPTION: Clear base with UCC flakies shifting through rose, gold, dusty grey and green.

APPLICATION: Brush 1 or 2 coats over a base colour, or sponge on to the nail for full opacity.



Weight: 0.054kg

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  • Me


    Urrrgh....doncha just hate it when that one person is ALWAYS right?

    I love glitter but I just can't be arsed with it - the gloop, the OCD twitch over placement, the plastics thing, the fact that either I forget the peel-base or I don't, in which case I'm compelled to pick. Either way most of the glitter ends up in my teeth...

    And I'm stubborn. When it was pointed out that flakies didn't involve an extra step (five-coat mani, no probs. Add a sixth...are you insane? ComPLETEly out of the question, how very dare mutter mutter) and were easily removed, I stuck my fingers in my ears and hearditallbeforenotlisteninglalalalala.

    But it seems my stubborn lazyarse has got nothing on my curiosity, which of course won. And so did the Wikkid Witch we all know and love, cos this stuff is bomb. Sooooo shiny and twinkly, and the mixture of shapes and sizes that all lie flat means you somehow see the light shifts coherently, unlike the shattered blast of even burnished glitter. It's almost like glitter plus, every bit as blingtastic but with that stunning iridescent effect of foils in the larger pieces.

    I'm completely sold and flakie-ing everything in sight; my fingers, the walls, random things I find lying around. I even flakie-d the neighbour the other day - well, he was standing there, and....um. The Orforities are being a bit judgy about that; can someone post bail for me pliz?