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A blazing burst of oranges, golds and reds perfectly representing the dangerous beauty of a raging fire. Alive with flakies and glitter dancing in the flames, are you hot enough to take on this diva of a polish?

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DESCRIPTION: Red jelly base with multichrome red-toned shifting glitters and duochrome copper/gold flakies.

APPLICATION: Opaque in 2-3 coats. Dries to a shiny, slightly textured finish; wear top coat to obtain a smooth finish.

  • Being a jelly, this sparkler can be worn on it's own, as a topper over base colours, shiny or matte. It's a smokin' hot winner every time.

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  • lochnailsmonster


    Someone call the firefighters

    It's amazing how fitting the name of this polish is. It reminds me of hot pepper flakes or hot hot caramel... It has lovely reddish orange jelly with all the flakies and glitters in it, adding those together makes a perfect mix to imitate flames. It's one of my faves during autumn, it makes me feel cozy but with a little special something.

  • PC


    Absolutely STUNNING!!!

    And incredibly versatile. Admittedly, "versatile" and "banging and orange glitter" don't seem to sit together in the same sentence, let alone in reality, but the intense colour mix here has such a vast palette ranging from pale gold all the way to deep, dark red that it either complements it contrasts a huge range of colours.

    Fire really does ignite. It sits in natural complement with its collection mates Air and Earth but if you're feeling adventurous try it against almost anything. The craziest combo I've come up with yet involved fading it into Antimony, because orange and purple are an obvious match (well, they are after two bottles of vodka and a good huff of something-or-other that lives under the kitchen sink. No idea what is was but it made my eyes spin) but there's plenty of fun in this with any number of colours without insanity being a pre-requisite; any browns, greens or even dark blues are a perfect foil.

    As usual, top notch application. The suspension is just perfect, so there's no clumping, bald spots or endlessly re-arranging bits of glitter. The combo of colours and shapes really do give the impression of dancing flames, especially in the evening - this is one of those manicures where you end up deeply engrossed in the dance on your nails, it's a crazy one to watch.

    Love it. Orange glitter is the new black.