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Are we alone? Is water perhaps trapped in this cold, distant satellite? Can we even explore across the silent swathes? We don't know, but we're firmly convinced there are plenty of hidden answers in bling-o-rific beauties like this with its tantalisingly subtle haze of greens and blues twined in a sinuous embrace.

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DESCRIPTION: Multichrome base shifting through green, aqua, blue and tiny hints of indigo.

APPLICATION: Opaque in 2-3 coats. Dries to a shiny, smooth finish.

* Available with holo.

  • Take Europa to the sands with a touch of Gold Dust - all you need add is a beach, a bikini and a drink with an umbrella in it for that perfect tropical night.

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  • Me



    Oh frabjous day

    Calloo callay

    I'm deffo chortling in joy*

    Another loonyshiftygreenybluey marvel has erupted from the Cauldron and yes, it really does look like that there in the pics. It's nuts.

    I really have to give Sarah props for her duochromes or multis or whatever the technical expression is, cos they really are that good. I'm a total sucker for them (and I love that Wikkid gives us the option without holo. I love my bling but I usually prefer the shifties without it) and have hoonied many a fail across the room at such velocity it lands in next door's dinner (note to self: you really should do something about those holes in the wall.) But Wikkid always delivers, even on the paler colours like this one.

    There is one teensy problemette tho. It looks delish in the bottle, like the Mediterranean sea of holiday postcards, all shifty greens and blues and just screaming summer. The minute you see it you'll be flinging your clothes off to plunge into the glorious warm waters. So plunge I did. Headfirst. Which is now stuck in the bottle.

    Pliz send an ambulance and a large quantity of WD40.

    * One's education was an absolute fail if the only poem they can remember is Jabberwocky. But who really cares about stupid dad....difo...dill...yellow flowers?