Elara (H)

  • Elara (H)
  • Elara (H)
  • Elara (H)
  • Elara (H)
  • Elara (H)

Our princess may be hidden away but nothing dims her flame, enhanced with a delicate holo filigree overlaying the mesmerisingly intense, shifty base colours. Elara stole the heart of the King of Gods, so yours won't stand a chance against this ravishing beauty.

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DESCRIPTION: Multichrome base shifting through purple, fuschia, copper and gold with linear and scattered holo.

APPLICATION: Opaque in 2-3 coats. Dries to a shiny, smooth finish.

* Available without holo.

  • Duck. Zeus is not a happy bunny so it's thunderbolts all the way. Apparently he doesn't do sharing.

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Based on 2 reviews
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  • PC

    (Guarding the bottle)


    ....yam in luuuuurve.

    Props to the swatch girls because they have produced some FANTASTIC photos here (I couldn't photograph it. Phone just had an eppy and refused to focus) but nothing does Elara justice - some multis have gentle shifts, but this duo is up there with Ophelia and Dionne for pure balls-to-the-wall shiftyfabulous insanity. It. Is. Stunning.

    It's incredibly solid, too. Usually there's a balance, a fine line between opacity and colour-change but this lays down almost as a one-coater; the richest, blingest purplink you have ever seen in your life which then powers its way through copper, bronze, deep red......just absolutely nuts. And it absolutely glows - has the Witch taken to mixing her potions in Chernobyl?

    And don't ask me how the holo version even works because gawd knows. A polish this opaque should obliterate the holo but somehow it doesn't do we get to do the holo dance too, huzzah. Honestly, this is the colour I saw when I ate those funny mushrooms once and thought I was a small china teapot called Cedric for about a week. A very colourful week...

    Congratulations, Wikkid - you have finally managed to capture the colour of Crazy. Then mashed it up and stuffed it in a bottle. You mentalist, you.

  • Grand Master Wikkidwhore


    As if the regulat Elara wasn´t gorgeous enough, this has the same magic but with added holo! I know right, pretty Amazing isn´t it?! Be sure to have time to admire this Beauty in different lights to Catch all that magic and sparkle