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Hidden by a jealous Zeus yet Elara still burns bright, her exquisite beauty caught in the spell of this burning multichrome with its yearning cerise heart smouldering amongst flickering tongues of burnished gold and purple. Will you break the spell and set her free?

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DESCRIPTION: Multichrome base shifting through purple, fuschia and copper with hints of gold.

APPLICATION: Opaque in 2-3 coats. Dries to a shiny, smooth finish.

* Available with holo.

  • Like all our multichromes Elara skips toward any number of complementing colours but for a really unusual touch, team her up with our own Ophelia. Either stamped or using vinyls, the two end up in a sinuous, entwined dance of never-still shifty awesomeness!

Weight: 0.054kg

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Based on 2 reviews
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  • PC

    (Hiding from Zeus)

    Bloody 'ell! It's a belter!

    Shhhhh. We're doing a very, very quiet review here cos Zeus has discovered Wikkid has recaptured Elara and lost his #%℅^¢! So unreasonable, these gods. Really. Tut.

    But I can kind of see his point cos this polish is the product of some sort of alchemy - god knows what Sarah has been feeding the cauldron, but I'd guess that, from the glory of his latest creations, it's a step up from the bloater-paste-plus-glittery-bits-samwidge that's his usual fare. I want to wear all these new ones all at once; I've run out of fingers, can't reach my toes and the neighbour just runs away screaming whenever he sees me approach with a bottle hidden in my fist and determined look on my fizzog. Anyone would think I'm always breaking in and giving him Stealth Manicures*....

    Don't be fooled by the beautiful bottle shot with its stunning fiery magenta edged with irri....irisd....iridir....weirdycrazyshifty rainbows everywhere, because it's 53.681 times** more nuts in reality. Elara burns with a fierce; put this on your nails and just bask in the glow, it's absolutely gobsmackingly insanely fabulous. Well, until Zeus finds you and blows you into smithereens for nicking his bird....but you'll go out with boss fingernails. What more could anyone want?

    BANG! KAPOWSMASH! Oh, hello Zeus dear chap, how are y.....BLAMFZZZZZT.....BANG!!!!

    *Oh yeah - I AM always breaking in and giving him Stealth Mamicures. Er...

    ** The Mathematics department inside my brain assure me this is precisely calibrated to the nth degree. But then it came up with e=jam turnip+π squared last week, so it might be a tad off.

  • Grand Master Wikkidwhore


    Pure magic

    Honestly, I really don´t know how to desribe this gorgeous multichrome other than pure magic! The colours shifts are Amazing and it´s impossible not to stare at your Nails in every light and angle possible. No matter how many pics you´ll see of this Beauty, it won´t compare to the reality!