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The Queen of Colours, this extravaganza of purple is taken straight from the motherlode and brought to you in purest form. Intensely saturated deep violet lifted by the slightest hint of shimmer lends this polish an almost tactile sheen of silk velvet, echoed in the luscious satin matte finish. Sound the trumpets; the Queen is coming!

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Sorry, this item is out of stock

DESCRIPTION: Vibrant purple base with tone on tone shimmer.

APPLICATION: Opaque in 1-2 coats. Dries to a satin-like, smooth finish. Can be used for stamping.

  • The perfect purple for a fantabulous french tip. Purple base, gold tips and BAM! There's no missing this one, she doesn't do subtle.

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Ratings & Reviews

  • PC

    (Nutball Central)

    Dammit. I'm going to have to divorce "Vespera" or embrace polygamy or something cos this purple is just nutso. It's giving me all the feels and possibly some new ones - is my cold, jaded heart warming up here? Great, now my hard image is ruined. Grumpf.

    I don't even know what to say - this polish is encapsulated in a single word. Dribble.

    Purples are the thing chez moi, you could sell me anything if you told me it was red or purple. But the problem with favourite colours is that eventually there's nothing new - no matter how shiny the pix or gouging the hard sell, it just turns out to be another version of something you already have, just sold under a different name in this NEW! EXCITING! collection (big brand manufacturer I am talking to you. You know who you are.)

    Enter Wikkid's "Violet Magenta" and the resultant squealage that made every dog in a fifty-mile radius whimper, followed by the raiding of piggy-banks in the hope "Pure Velvet" would be similarly new and exciting. And hoo boy, does it deliver. It looks very similar to "Violet Magenta" in the bottle, but they are markedly different on the nails - this is just as vibrant but it is darker and pulls more blue, but they are deffo sisters.

    The finish is what really sets these apart, though. Apparently it's the tiniest touch of shimmer (get me with all my Technical) and the end result is almost akin to a satin vinyl - really unusual and it would be very easy to get wrong if the formula weren't A1, because it only works with a polish that levels totally smoothly....without doing a sprint straight for your cuticles. Or knuckles, in my case. Ahem.

    I reckon this is a must-have, not just for itself but for the endless possibilities. It lends itself to mattifying for a really luxuriant silken velvet effect; combining and playing with VM creates a subtle fade or awesome stamped effect akin to bas-relief; bling up with golds, vamp out with black, sophisticate with greys - I'm rubbish at nail-art and can see endless options, so anybody with even a hint of arty talent will be in exploded mind territory.

    Yam in luuurve. I have this firmly clutched in my death-grip now - any attempts to separate us will result in nuclear stand-off. The pretty is mine, all mine...