Watch the Kingfisher as he darts in and out of the riverbank, the colours of his brilliant blue head underwritten by deeper blues, purples and flashes of purest cyan shimmering against the crystal water ..

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Sorry, this item is out of stock

DESCRIPTION: Multichrome base shifting through cyan, blue, indigo and violet with hints of magenta.

APPLICATION: Opaque in 2-3 coats. Dries to a shiny, smooth finish.

* Available with holo.

  • Another one that can be paired with any number of glitters or flakies; whatever you choose will "pull" various colours within the shifts to the forefront.

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Ratings & Reviews

  • PC

    (Floating somewhere in space-time)

    I thought I had all the Mega 'meleons so why have I only just got this? How very dare this be a thing and me not have it? Who is responsible for this outrage?

    Yes it's exquisite, yes it's pigmented, yes it's as shifty as that spotty rat-faced oik in a trackie standing next to a smashed window clutching a car stereo with wires hanging out the back, yes the formula is just ridiculously good and yes I love it. But I'm not doing a review because I'm too busy being in a mammoth sulk about the fact I should've owned it aeons ago and until I find out who to blame and think up an inventive way to make them suffer, I'm just going to stand here with my nose in the air being Thoroughly Offended.

    That'll show 'em. Huh.