Pallene (H)


As if the multishifty technicolour marvel of Pallene wasnt enough, we waved the Extra wand to give a carefully calibrated pop of holo in complement to this intriguing base. Yes, you CAN have every colour all at once!

Sorry, this product is currently out of stock

Sorry, this item is out of stock

DESCRIPTION: Multichrome base shifting through green, gold, mulberry and red with linear and scattered holo.

APPLICATION: Opaque in 2-3 coats. Dries to a shiny, smooth finish.

* Available without holo.

  • The burnished beauty of this polish lends itself to any type of gold accents, from a single piece of striping tape to a full-on glitterbomb accent. The simplest touch from Midas and she buuuuurns ..

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  • PC

    (To be decided)

    Well. That'll learn me to look here first, won't it?

    Why? Because I have a very small bottle of no-name, complete with the other no's (idea where it came from/when/where/how to get more) which is about 90% thinners by now and even at best had to be used over a black base or it'd be seven inches thick before even thinking about opacity. But it's shifty and twinkly and I loved it, even as I panicked every time I used a few precious drops cos nobody else made anything like. And believe me, I have acquired several fails in the search, along with a massive overdraft. Grumpf.

    Enter lovely Wikkid and lovely lovely LOVELY Pallene. Didn't even buy it thinking it might be The Precious, I just have zero self-control on this site and saw the twinkles so....yeah. Can we pretend that no-buy-except-Sarah's-unicorn-juice is a thing? Then, after the usual couple of days paying obeisance to the letterbox, finally the clank (followed by swearing. My letterbox eats postmen for its mid-morning snack) indicates the pretties are here and I crash downstairs so fast I leave a relief in the opposing wall. One of these days I'm going to end up in next-door's kitchen....and I'm going off-script again.

    So open the parcel, scarf the sweeties and get my bottle open all within a nanosecond and the Angel chorus starts. "O fortuna"....could it be?....."velut luna".....omigod itisitisitis "STAAAAAATU VARIABILIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" It's my precious, in all its shiftytwinkly grurplypink glory and there aren't enough words to convey the joy so now I'm making them up; the cheapie no name can finally sail binwards and I have this infinitely better version in its place. Two easy coats of Wikkid beauteousness, no arsing about with dark undercoats and I'm twinkling for the gods, set in a layer of velvety pinkybronzeypurply magnificence.

    I feel I should give back for all these marvels. So *fanfare* I've decided to leave Wikkid a precious and massive gift in my will. The overdraft.

    Tl:Dr SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Pretty much sums up this review.