Ophelia (H)


Because when a polish already has everything going on, there's only one thing to do. Add more. And more in this case means a precisely balanced blend of holo, giving that twinkle fix in perfect complement to this intense multichrome.

Sorry, this product is currently out of stock

Sorry, this item is out of stock

DESCRIPTION: Multichrome base shifting through indigo, violet, fuschia and blue with linear and scattered holo.

APPLICATION: Opaque in 2-3 coats. Dries to a shiny, smooth finish.

* Available without holo.

  • We've already added more More. There won't be any More left if we put more in!

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Ratings & Reviews

  • Me

    (Over there...or there....or....?)

    Fiiiine. Just siphon my bank account

    Just fyi, when you do a review it always says "Review Body" and it makes my inner eight-year-old titter everytime.

    To be fair, Ophelia's body is dribbleicious - I think she was one of my earliest purchases from Wikkid. But anyone who reads any of my reviews (you poor things. You'll be rewarded in heaven) knows that I am a) cheap and b) lazy. And the cognitive dissonance causes my pore bwain to go into meltdown - do I buy the holo version too because yum, or slush the lovely StarDust over the straight version? What to do? Will that be the same? Am I missing something? Oooooo......aaaaahhhh......grnngggghhh.... don't know. I'll just sit here and rock until it all goes away....Mummy.....nudey bleh... hold me, Teddy, never leave me.....

    Then Elara happened. And I got both versions because Elara is just a giant-chocolate-covered-cream-doughnut-with-extra-sprinkles of a polish and I couldn't choose, not even with Teddy's wisdom and guidance. And now I'm comprehensively ahem'd, because no, sloshing StarDust over is not the same. Stunning, but different.

    Using any holo top coat gives a specific effect, whereas the polishes with holo infused are softer, somehow. This retains all the mind-mashing shifty lunacy of the original, and it has that very definite holo "ting" when the light hits, but in a subtler way than a holo TC. It's reeeeeeally pretty, and I'm glad I got it, but just Elara and Ophelia, don't need both versions of the others. Oh, except Triton, I needs both versions of him. Otherwise no, we're good.....but Dione....oh, deffo. And Europa....oh. Oh dear.

    Nuts. I'm going to have to sell Teddy.