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A velvety bronzed dark brown, this polish will put you in touch with the elements as it takes its inspiration from the warm, life-giving earth. A hearty rich colour with inner depth taking you right back to nature.

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DESCRIPTION: Multichrome base of dark chestnut brown shifting to green with subtle tinges of rose and gold.

APPLICATION: Opaque in 2 coats. Dries to a velvet matte finish. Can be used for stamping.

  • Although matte, this polish reveals a whole new spectrum with a glossy topcoat. Subdued or shiny, you choose.


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Based on 2 reviews
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  • Grand Master Wikkidwhore


    This is one of those polishes that might not look so special in the bottle but when you put it on the magic happens! Check it out in different lights and angles and you´ll know what I mean. It dries matte but is equally gorgeous glossy. For a super easy but effectful mani, put a glossy top coat on and use Earth to stamp over it leaving it matte

  • PC


    No. I don't "get" matte polishes, I spend hours trying to get that gloss shine, I have enough top coats to paint my way to Mars then across the nails of every Martian and back again, I don't understand this trend I don't like change no no no help I'm having a panic attack *grabs bottle of shiny top coat and goes to rock in the corner*

    That is the story of me and matte polish and has been ever since they were first developed; a great big fat DO NOT WANT which became donkey-level stubborn when I bought a big brand one by accident and it turned out to be as malleable as tar, and look about as good. At least tar smells nice. We were not doing mattes Chez Chillery and NOTHING was going to make me budge.

    Then Sarah sent me "Earth" because she is lovely (and possibly even more stubborn than me) and I tried it partly to be nice because Mummy says I have to at least try to be, and partly just to prove my point; mattes are horrible and not even Wikkid could change my mind. Opened, slopped onto nail, beautiful colour, fantabulous formula.....oooh yes, like this. Is it really a matte? Doesn't feel like one; far too fluid and easy...hmmm....oh well. And I'll top coat anyway, so no matter. Waiting for it to dry, glossy top coat at the ready and....




    Tl;dr am now matte coating everything. Every mani, the walls, the floors, the cat.....I am converted, I get it now. Oh yes. But nobody tell Sarah she was right, please.

    Ps. It's a one-coat-wonder too. This is the epitome of the fast mani; I do ludicrously thin coats and still only needed o, it dries quickly and the finish really is lush. Obviously I'm playing it for laughs but this really is a polish that I'd not have bought (it was a thank-you-for-waiting-over-Crimbo extra) and it has really inspired some great manis. I didn't even know I'd got into a comfort groove, but "Earth" pulled me out of it with a bang.