Dragon's Heart


We have fought battles. We have braved lairs. We have evaded traps and faced down fire-breathing beasties, all in the service of this magical potion. Made of fire and gold, brimstone and rubies, this is the living, breathing life force of the Great One in all his majesty. Bottled.

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DESCRIPTION: Bright metallic red.

APPLICATION: Opaque in 1-2 coats. Dries to a shiny, smooth finish.

  • It's a Dragon in a bottle. Best suggestion? Run!
* Wikkid guarantee no dragons are harmed in the making of this polish.

Weight: 0.054kg

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Based on 1 review
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  • Zarathustra

    (Er......Valhalla? Olympus?)

    Less " spoke," more bellowed like a lovestruck hippo


    DUH-NUH!!! (Bombombombombombom)

    So this is the red equivalent of "opened the bottle and angels sang." Well, they might be singing but they're completely drowned out by Zarathustra spokeifying because this red screamed through 2001, blasted past 2020 and is still going. It was last spotted upsetting the neighbours somewhere in the vicinity of Andromeda.

    Ferrari? Red, loud, sorta cool

    Ducati? Red, louder, very cool

    Sarah? "Hold my broomstick"

    This isn't a Crimbo red. Or a cherry red. Not candy-apple red. Not even fire-engine-full-siren-off-to-a-conflagration red. It's just RED straight from source and if you have any problems with that you can explain them to it yourself because I'm far too scared.

    I have no idea how she extracts any squishy bits out of dragons (you'd think they'd write a fairly strongly worded letter to the Orforities if anyone tried) and especially without harming them but these are the complicated issues around which, fortunately, I don't have to wrap my teeny-tiny mind. All I know is that somehow, she's managed to get hold of purest essence of Dragon and stuffed it into these tiny bottles out of which it emerges in a fireball of Grade A uncut Attitude. And because there is NEVER enough Extra in her opinion, she's added more, in this case in the form of fine gold shimmer that does the same logic-breaking thing that the silver does in "Seal of the Coven" - it should interrupt the metallic finish but doesn't because nuts and I don't know why I even try to explain these impossibles any more.

    Forget unicorns. Just go full Dragon....and there's only one o' them and only Wikkid know where it is. This is The Real Fing™ so don't accept weak imitations.