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An elusive, vampy diva revealing a new side at every turn, this sublime multichrome is enhanced by a powerful magnetic shot pulling the brightest bolts from deep within the maelstrom. Tantalising, mysterious and definitely hiding secrets, can you pin Dolores down?

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DESCRIPTION: Sheer multichrome base with a magnetic shot shifting through magenta, gold, copper and green.

APPLICATION: For best results, use 1 or 2 coats over a black base. Dries to a shiny, smooth finish. See Tips and Tricks (Magnetic Polish) for more info on using magnets with this polish.

  • Explore all of the diverse magnetic effects that Dolores can offer. Short on time? Magnetic polish can also be worn as regular polish; and the multichrome shifts of Dolores will not disappoint.

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Based on 2 reviews
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  • PC

    (Lazyarse Towers)

    You know how sometimes we have different sides of our personalities that are in eternal conflict? Like the being poor/need fabulous nails, or incompetent/need fabulous nails, or my bugbear, lazy....and need fabulous nails. If any of these deep, divisive traumas are only too familiar to you there are limited options, which mostly come down to outsourcing your fingers or going to lie on a couch whilst a strange man asks you questions about sausages and cigars. No, I have no idea how that helps anything either....

    But this magic glop solves all my cognitive dissonances and there's no invoking of mystery sausages needed. Arm yourself with any of these and a magnet and let the games begin, because these are sausage-free fun at it's best. These are some sort of magical 3D shifty nutball polishes with an extra helping of crazy, so the magnetized pattern is constantly shifting not only through colours but the actual shape of the magnetized pattern, ending up in this sinuous dance you'll never be able to work out even though you made it.

    The magnetic effect is super-strong in all of these polishes - I got well onto the whole magnetic thing when it first started and even once I'd got the hang of it the effect really only worked with certain colours, it was a bit tricky to achieve and even at It's best never really lived up to the hype. So I'd adjusted my expectations accordingly for these, only to have my socks blown off at such velocity they beheaded the rubber plant. These are pure mad, all you need do is wave the magnet vaguely in the direction of your set nail and WHAM! It's that fast and that extreme it takes yer eyebrows with it.

    So I need new socks, new rubber plant and new eyebrows. Which is an entirely reasonable trade for the degree of Smug I get to feel over my boss nails - but let's not advertise the fact creating them was this easy, eh?

  • ()

    The Wikkid magnetics are the best magnetic polishes I´ve tried! So easy to get that magnetic magic and the shifts in all of them are simply stunning!