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This multi-hued statement polish is all kinds of everything; a chameleon chasing its tail through crushed emerald, turquoise, deepest indigo and vibrant purple, with teasing glimpses of amber and rose. Chameleon? Definitely. Camouflage? Umm ..

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DESCRIPTION: Multichrome base shifting through green, turquoise, blue and purple with tiny hints of bronze.

APPLICATION: Opaque in 2-3 coats. Dries to a shiny, smooth finish.

* Available with holo.

  • Dione doesn't really need any more VROOM, but she pairs beautifully with Minerva if you want a bit of magnetic magic.

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  • PC

    (Sobbing heap in the corner)

    Help meeeeeeeeee......

    I'm one of those nutballs that just HAS to have all their polishes sorted into rainbow order within each brand, and I get all twitchy and OCD about it. The rest of my gaff is a disaster, but my nail racks are le perfect (and when I'm god I'm going to decree every manufacturer must use the same bottle, design and font. I WILL have consistency, or things are going to get stroppy. I can't be doing with all these different bottles; mutter gripe whinge.)

    Only....things are already stroppy and it's all Dione's fault. How in the name of bloody hell am I supposed to colour-sort a bottle that can't make up its £+; "#¥°[¶ mind what colour it is? Put it with the greens; it looks turquoise. Move it to the turquoise section; it turns purple. Move it to....you get the idea. I was compelled to keep moving it for DAYS until the whimpering alerted the emergency services and they gave me this nice soft room and a jacket with very long sleeves.

    So I can't review it due to psychiatric reasons. I've got a piece of paper proving it.

    Tl:cbatr Dione will render you certifiably nutso. I'm self-soothing with a nice bottle of Jet Black creme and we're hoping that, in time, I will recover enough to maybe cope with a pale pink or nudey bleh. Don't make me sort one of these mad shifty ones again.....twitch....oh no...." NURSE! NURSE!!!!! I NEED VALIUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMmmmmmm...mmmm...mmzzzzzzzz"