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Yes, we did. We just stuffed the universe in a bottle (well, the shiny bits of it.) From finest meteor showers to all-out supernovae whoomph, Cosmic Dust enthralls with her versatility on both sides of the Magic Veil - rumour has it that fairy wings and angelic halos are dusted with this .. but we couldn't possibly comment.

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DESCRIPTION: Clear base with large silver holo flakes.

APPLICATION: This polish is a topper and should be worn over a base colour. Just 1 coat adds a massive blast of sparkle to your base colour, or build up the depth with additional coats. This mega holo flake can curl slightly in nail polish and dries to a slightly textured finish. Use a good quality base and top coat to smooth down and really bring out the sparkle.

  • Do you need holo in your life all the time? Problem solved - just add this mega holo topper to ANYTHING and watch it go ..
* Wikkid Polish are not responsible if, upon opening this, you instantly pop the entire universe into another spacetime continuum. Oopsies happen.


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  • PC

    (Holo heaven)

    And hear the choir of angels sing....

    I'm often a bit scuppered trying to describe one of Wikkid's holotastic blingy-shifty-there's-a-whole-unicorn-in-here marvel and have to resort to the rather limp "you really need to see it..." really need to see this beauty. I mean REALLY. It's blingtacular. But this is one for which I need to invoke not just eyes but ears too - every time I open the bottle there's a blaze of light and that "laaaaaa" from the angel chorus (you know the one I mean.) There's an angel in every bottle* though she might need a bit of a poke with a big stick to get going - they tend to go to sleep, yer average angel, but she's deffo in there.

    I absolutely love love LOVE Star Dust, the sister polish to this which turns the dullest polish into a twinkly marvel, but Cosmic Dust is for the days when there's not a chance in hell of you flying the subtle flag. A blistering array of premium silver; dust, glitter, fairy sneezes, flakies, it's all in there. I don't even know what half of it is and I don't care - it's just HOLO and SILVER and BLIIIIIIIIIING and I need to make up some new words to convey the magic. Is "twinkletastic" a word?

    It's a lush formula, too. I'm becoming a firm fan of flakie polishes for a number of reasons, one of which is that it doesn't seem to get the gloops, an issue which seems to plague most glitter polishes after awhile. But I've had this over a year and my first flakie polish (Wikkid's beauteous "Maria") probably twice that long, and they have been well loved yet still maintain almost the same consistency and coverage. Heartheartheartheartheart.

    And the best bit? No need for a peel-off base-coat. Cos the problem with peel-off base-coat is that I'm compelled to peel the ;:£^[®•√¡ off.....

    *guaranteed. And Premium Angels too, not some weak imitation. No order-caviar-receive-a-bloater-paste-samwidge here; only the very best Angels pass the Wikkid test.