Bronze Dust


The quiet hero of the famous trio, bronze is the rich, warm foundational stalwart underwriting this burnished topper, heating up any mani with its subtle shifts and colourplays. Bronze Dust is our strong, silent chevalier - and he's got us all aflutter!

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DESCRIPTION: Clear base with bronze scattered holo.

APPLICATION: This polish is a topper and should be worn over a base colour. Brush 1 coat over the base for a subtle touch of holo, or build up the depth with additional coats. Dries to a smooth finish; add top coat to bring out the sparkle.

  • Dont leave this one in 3rd place! It is definitely worthy of being a front-runner, particularly over Autumnal base colours.


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Based on 2 reviews
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  • Wrongly McWrongface

    (The Land of the Wrong)

    Thought I didn't need this....

    ....and I was wrong. Surprised Pikachu face.

    So how did we end up here? Come, gather, let me tell you a story...

    I like to be nice and seasonal with my manis, so come Spring each year I break out the black. And for some reason this year I've been on a run with the browns, dark greens and other colours that are supposed to be Autumn but I'm a bit slow on the uptake (dribble) so it's been sludge city chez moi this year.

    Well, sludge plus holo. OBviously. And I already have Gold Dust and am on my 586,429,174th bottle of Star Dust* so I've never bothered with bronze cos why? Silver = cool colours; Gold = warm. Sorted. Or so I thunked. Dot dot dot...

    Sooooo, this run of colours is unusual for me and you know how it is, you wander off down the path marked "Sludge" and a whole world of fantabuliferous manis follow - I don't know the hows and whys, but for some reason there's a subset of these types of colours (Forest, Earth, Helene etc.) that just come together to make amazing sets with very little effort on my part. Which is good, cos I'm lazy as well as slow. And as I was in that groove, I decided to give Bronze Dust a try, assuming it to be essentially the same as Gold Dust but just a bit warmer.

    No. No no no no nononononono. NO.** Well, a bit yes inasmuch as it is warmer, but it's a different type of holo....particle?....thingie?....blob? We'll go with blob, I like that word. Gold Dust is a cooler mix but it's also uniformly fine, whereas Bronze Dust has that same basis but with fractionally larger blobs scattered throughout. If you think of GD as a light fairy twinkling across your base in her satin slippers, BD is the same fairy twinkling but in big stompy boots. Not that fairy boots are big or stompy by any metric but we're talking fairies here, context is everything and I think I should probably stop now because this is steadily descending into utter lunacy.

    Tl;cbatr Its luvverly and yes you do need it even if you have GD. Slosh it over a dark red and ooooooooooooooooooooo....Just yummy.

    *can you start selling this in.....oooh, let me think.....yep, gallon containers would be about right. That should last a month or so.

    ** that's "no." In case it isn't clear.

  • Grand Master Wikkidwhore


    A perfect polish to add something extra to your mani and still keep it classy! Looks gorgeous over pretty much anything