Brienne !! ONLY 2 LEFT !!

  • Brienne !! ONLY 2 LEFT !!
  • Brienne !! ONLY 2 LEFT !!
  • Brienne !! ONLY 2 LEFT !!
  • Brienne !! ONLY 2 LEFT !!
  • Brienne !! ONLY 2 LEFT !!

The Celtic mystery with its striking melange of metalled flecks in a translucent, smoky black base is a pure velvet temptress inviting you into her story. This commanding, demanding beauty is a challenge thrown down - dare you take on Brienne in all her majesty?

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DESCRIPTION: Bronze and teal metallic flecks in a black base.

APPLICATION: Opaque in 1-2 coats. Dries to a shimmering, velvet-like, smooth finish.

  • I'm not messing with this lady. She doesn't take suggestions well - last time I got stuffed into the cauldron. However, she is at least deigning to allow her own vibrant flakie be shared amongst us lowly beings - but remember to curtsey or you will end up in there with me!

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Based on 2 reviews
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  • Me


    I don't actually understand how this one can even work. I did wonder if Sarah had been sniffing the cauldron again, cos it doesn't sound like it's going to work and only a nutball would even consider trying (so much the norm for Wikkid then!)

    I really love the other two Goffix because they are so dark and squishy and generally mesmerising; the twinkly bits are deep glowing hearts of blue/green respectively. And don't tell Sarah cos she'll come over all Smug, but there's not much wiggle-room in polishes like this and it takes a fine hand to balance it correctly - if the black is too opaque the colours won't show, if the shimmer is too dense the effect is lost and your lovely dark squishy 3D fabulousness is a sticky blob of horrible.

    But despite knowing she's got this balance sewn up to impossible standards in the others I held off on Brienne, cos it seemed to me that the turquoisey, tealy, bronzy colours wouldn't work; in my spectacular ignorance I assumed the magic could only happen with a single shimmer in one of the "glowy" colours* otherwise it would all get a bit busy. Unless you have mad ninja nails like the swatch girls and they are refusing to sell me their fingers, which is just unreasonable. But eventually curiosity beat the overdraft and long story short I am an idjut, this polish is a beautiful bomb of shiny squishy perfection - and absolutely uniquely so for this colour-mix - and The Sorceress gets a free hit of the Cauldron off my dumb, doubting bonce for my lapse in faith. Sorry miss, won't do it again, miss....ow. Miss.

    *you get a free bun if you can make any sense of this review. Brienne is just so hard to describe...and I never said I was any good at this!

  • Grand Master Wikkidwhore


    This sure is a gorgeous and mysterious lady! It may look ordinary but let the light shine on it and all the flakes will appear! A very unique and stunning polish!