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  • Blue Monarch

Honour this spectacular butterfly as he flits past in a flourish of blue, leaving a twinkle of silvered threads dancing on the air. His jewelled mantle is captured forever in this unusual holo, stuffed to bursting with rainbows and fired by a deep inner spark to lend your nails a little bit of that regal glory. I believe I can fly...

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DESCRIPTION: Deep inky blue base with intense linear holo.

APPLICATION: Opaque in 1-2 coats. Dries to a shiny, smooth finish.

  • This is another miracle polish that gives all the rainbows without losing any vibrancy in the base colour. Brushed over a vinyl stencil onto a dark background gives a really dramatic, teasing effect - now you see her .. now you don't ..
  • We have you fully covered for a fantabulous holo gradient. Grab your Ice Ice Baby, your Timeless Turquoise and a sponge and get dabbing!

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Based on 2 reviews
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  • PC

    (Holo Patadise)


    Oh. Oh wow. Dark blue holo. At last. Excuse me, I'm just off to sell my soul...back in a mo....

    I'm assured no butterflies, kingfishers or any other beings either real or imaginary were harmed in the making of this polish, which is good to know and hard to believe cos it looks like pure mashed fairy.

    A customer who may or may not have been me has been whining about a dark blue holo for what probably feels like forever to the receiving ear. I don't ask for much in life,* is a simple blue holo such a big demand? I'm so lovely and I write lots of reviews and I'm basically adorable** so why can't I have my simple blue holo? Fiiiiiiine, I'll just keep on with these expensive bottles of thin meh and it's all terrible and I'll keep needing a black base and everything's poo and why can't I have just ONE thing, my parents divorced me and even Father Christmas didn't like want a blue holo and it's not faaaaaaaaaair....

    Ah. This is basically a bottle of "will you shut the :" %#π℅®$√! up! " - I think the clue was in the delivery, unless Wikkid is now making all deliveries via Stealth Bomber. So there's a big hole in the roof and I had to dig it out of the crater it made but IT'S A PROPA BLUE HOLO!!!!! And ooooooh.......mmmmmhmmm......I'm getting that holo hit....

    Dayum, Sarah. This is glorious. And unpredictable, as it seems to be a green-based blue rather than the indigo norm, which gives's not a hint, not even a miasma, it's almost as if it holds the memory of a dark, dark teal within itself. Like all the best colours it's actually impossible to describe. All you really need to know is


    Oh, and it's all mine. MINE. Nobody else can have any.

    *this is a lie

    "* yep, also

  • Grand Master Wikkidwhore


    beautiful blue

    The perfect shade of blue with added holo, truly an Amazing polish! Sarah knows how to Purple but she also know how to blue!

    And it´s smooth as butter making painting your Nails a pure delight