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  • Beguiled

And oh! you will be, as the sultry charms of Brienne inform this complementing flakie, picking up on her intricate plays of bronze, turquoise and pink to become this transcending topper. The lady herself is calling you to wear her crystallised gown, but once she has you ..

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DESCRIPTION: Clear base with UCC flakies shifting through fuschia, gold and green with scattered holo and random colour Glow In The Dark.

APPLICATION: Brush 1 or 2 coats over a base colour, or sponge on to the nail for full opacity.
* This is a clear base; GITD pigment looks grey in the bottle but it is transparent on the nail.

  • Although inspired by Brienne, this beautiful flakie topper will enhance any number of polishes, from pinks through golds and into green/teal. Bring Forest alive or set her tripping across the sands of Florida Sunshine, she has many routes to capture your heart.


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  • PC

    (Not telling. Nuuuur.)

    Waaaaaaay beyond expectations. Just WOW!

    I set a high bar for indie polishes and Wikkid does always deliver, but this is one of those happy accidents where you're not quite sure what you're getting and then your head explodes.

    I understand the deal; all the fun stuff like GITD and certain holo mixes make an absolutely unique polish but they create such a cast in the bottle that it hides the pretties. It must be a real quandary for Sarah - these are spectacular flakie combos, but giving them that bit Extra mutes the initial impression. Take the leap or not?

    Well, we all know in reality it's no contest - we're still sitting here debating the pros and cons as in the background the mad Witch is cackling and stuffing as much Extra into the bottles as she can jam in there. Wikkid NEVER misses an opportunity to be Extra, and she's gone in here with both wellies. I know because I found one in my bottle.

    I took the leap here on trust...and because the swatches look banging and I need to steal her fingers. But the reality is something else - this is an exquisite combo that complements a huge range of colours as well as it's obvious partner Brienne. My fave experiment so far has been this on top of the Grandmaster WikkidWhore's amazing "Maria" (I know, I know. It already has flakies in but MOOOOORE!) but honestly, I'm sloshing it over everything cos I just luuuuuurve those iridescent foily twinkly blobs of wonder. Just gorj.

    The additional beauty of polish like this is that it can refresh any mani, so everything becomes a twofer but without all the aggro of glitter. Wear Brienne for a couple of days, whack this over it when it starts to look a bit rough and bam, whole new mani. God, I love it when laziness is rewarded.

    And it glows in the dark. Nuff sed.

    I really need the blue one now tho. I'm building up a powerful Want's not fair. I should be rich. I'd be really good at being rich...