Astatine (At)


A throbbing viridian heart glows deep within this polish fuelling seamless transitions through every shade of emerald and malachite. Yet behind this surface play enhanced by starbursts of scattered holo, Astatine never lets you forget her deeper soul ..

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DESCRIPTION: Dark green/teal base with infused micro holo sparkle.

APPLICATION: Opaque in 2-3 coats. Dries to a shiny, smooth finish.

  • This baby is blingtastic on its own, but a sprinkling of flakies can really make it BOOM!

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  • PC

    (Hanging off roof looking for wi-fi >:-()

    I've got it! Finally! Eureka! *jumps out of bath and runs around squealing*

    Collection name + chemical elements - these are catalysts for change? Right???? I don't care if I'm right, I want a gold star anyway.

    I seem to render most of my reviews utterly pointless by saying "you have to see it" but there's no explaining any of the Catalysts. They're extraordinary. Not quite chameleons but not just shimmer, not exactly holo as we usually define it but deffo holo, not toppers but show subtle changes if you do layer over a base....just WHAT?

    I can't pin down a favourite, either. But for today it's "Astatine" so we'll dribble over this for the moment, in all its siren-call green wonder. I LOVE dark greens - there's nothing to beat that going-mouldy look - but it has to be a very specific green because, like most of us, I had a no-name cheapie something-or-other twenty years ago that was just perfect and all dark greens are really in competition with a memory, and we all know that's an unwinnable competition. Then, of course, you buy twenty thousand not-quites, each taking a little piece of your soul as you continue a sad and lonely life mourning your lost green magnificence until eventually you finally accept that you'll never be reunited with that perfect, perfect green, give up and enter a nunnery.

    Then Sarah makes Astatine, the convent awakens to your screams of joy, covers its collective eyes in horror as you run around naked shrieking "Eureka" and finally throws your floozy arse back out into the street and chucks your demonic green nail polish after you.

    I suck balls at reviews. They always take a turn for the mental.

    Tl:dr, STUNNING dark green shimeleon* with a strong lean toward blue (think British Racing Green) with an unusual scattered holo in just the right size and quantity to create an intriguing sparkle. The holo balance really matters here, as despite their strong colours all of these Catalysts have very subtle underlying plays that could be so easily lost, but it works in perfect complement. They are all winners but I think Astatine is a standout because it's so different. Forget all your pinks, glitters and nudey bleh....come with me to the Green Side.....

    * I made it up. Chameleon/shimmer therefore shimeleon. Smug.