Arc neodymium magnet

  • Arc neodymium magnet
  • Arc neodymium magnet
  • Arc neodymium magnet
  • Arc neodymium magnet
  • Arc neodymium magnet

At last! Those of us with curved nail-beds can finally get in on all the magnetty fun with this clever take on the basic magnet. Attain a perfect cat-eye that wraps round the entire nail, or use the curvature to create a unique take on the French tip, this one is just a bundle of fun to play with.

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INSTRUCTIONS: Hold over wet polish for 10-15 seconds, long enough for the magnetic particles to hold the pattern once the magnet is removed. See Tips and Tricks (Magnetic) for more info on [usage and using magnets responsibly].

  • Create a glowing spotlight by holding just the very tip at 90° to your nail and see a supernova starburst shoot out, giving a 3D effect into infinity. This is the perfect magnet for smaller nails as its shape allows for much finer detail.

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    I love the whole magnetic polish thing, it does something to my inner geek. Unfortunately my outer nails pretty much refuse to comply - even once I'd got the hang of it, my nails are too curved for the effect. I always wondered why no polish manufacturer has grasped the idea that most of us don't have flat fingernails and why the :%-\#%'%&!!! did nobody think of making a curved magnet?

    Then Wikkid did. And I am a happy bunny. But besides finally getting a cat-eye (rather than just a magnetized splat which was rather more cat-arse!) this little magnet creates all sorts of unusual effects, especially when used with one of the Magic Potions - Taboo, Hermione etc - 3D chameleon magnetic insanities which defy the laws of physics. Painting my nails has never been this much fun!