*6-set 2019 Bring On Spring collection



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Usually our collections are never time-specific or limited, but I do not stock neons all year round - I only release them at the start of Spring. I hope this works as a compromise; a one-off pre-order so I know how much to mix for all you lovelies who request the softer side of neon.

PRE-ORDER ITEM: This item will be available as pre-order only from 1st to 31st March; shipping first week of April 2020.

  • Pair them with their corresponding brights.

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  • PC

    (Middle of the rainbow)

    Pastel. You think this is PASTEL?

    So. Sarah apparently uses The LSD Dictionary, because these are nowhere near pastel by the definition of us mere mortals. They're not just "not pastel," they're downright gobby.

    I guess by comparison to ordinary neons you could stretch the word to twanging point, because these are softer than we expect of pure neons - they're every bit as vibrant, but each is lifted by the teensiest blob of white and the tiniest hint of shimmer, giving an almost tactile softness. As ever, impossible to explain....and I always say that. I needs to get me some new words...

    Anyway, whatever the old witch has done to these has the additional, happy byproduct of them not being absolute stinkers to apply. We all know neon polish; we've all had to scrape it off the wall against which it was hurled in a previous tantrum, (er....haven't we?) we've all sworn "never again"...and we all know how long THAT resolution lasts, as yet another bottle goes on an impromptu flying lesson a week later. But these are deffo at the top end for application; they're a little thicker than the norm but the payoff for that is no need for a white base and far less streaking than the norm for a neon. And, of course, that makes them perfect for accents and stamping if you're not really in the mood for ten luminous nails. Although why anybody wouldn't be...?

    There's not one subtle thing about any of these. I loves 'em.