* The Ultraviolets : 5-bottle set


Ah, violets. Delicate, soft violets we all love .. that we have Wikkified the living daylights out of because if violet is good, ultra is better and Ultra is game over. Have all the things in this panorama of passionate purple perfection and chase the blues away the Wikkid way.

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*5-bottle Ombre set transitioning from darker purple to light periwinkle.

  • We love these because we've all done an ombre oopsie with a missing step or a tonal mismatch and these sets do the work for you. These smooth cremes stand alone for no-frills flash factor, but if you're feeling creative try a fade up each nail with any of our complimenting flakies or holo toppers for full-on purpletastic POW!

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    Well I bloody love these.

    I swear the old bag is psychic. You know how you have a colour in your head and buy fifty-seven bottles of maybe that turn out to be fifty-seven bottles of fail? So that's been me recently - I rarely do cremes, but I've been fixated on getting a specific shade of extreme blurple* creme and we all know it's fatal to have an eBay account, a credit card and a colour in your head....

    Then the Witch happens and makes five, the middle one of which is the izzact colour from inside my head and has she been looking in there again? Squirm. But apart from that, what a totally nifty little idea! I'm a huge fan of anything purple but despite having a gazillion bottles in every shade of, whenever I try some kind of tonal cleverness I always bollix it up - don't have the right colour, it isn't the right finish, this-one-is-perfect-except-oh-apparently-not-huff. It sounds so simple and to the real deal nail wizards it probably is, but there's a huge gap in the world of nails; one the one hand (grooooan) there's yer basic paint your nails and on the other there are spectacular feats of nail art. Things like this plug neatly into that vast divide, because it does the work for you. True, I still have to master keeping within the lines but I consider it a win if we're within the first knuckle on each finger.

    These are also amazing cremes. The formula is the dogs danglies, it's so smooth and glassy that even the basic one-colour-per-nail is all "ooooooh!" and they're great fun to play with because you're guaranteed a tonal match right through the set regardless of how many you use. Spots, stripes, freehand, stamping, forgetting you've unscrewed the cap and shaking vigorously to spray an arc of near-neon blurple across your floor, walls and cat; you can't go wrong with these. Well ok, the last one was a bit of an oopsie but the cat will probably forgive if presented with enough Blackmail Tuna. Probably.

    *she sez it's not Blurple. She's wrong. BLURPLE!