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Can't choose? Well, of course you can't. So have the lot - the lights, the sequins, the spangly wondrous cheese of it all because no-one does ballroom like the Brits and no brand captures that better than Wikkid. Have a ball on us!

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DESCRIPTION: Why have one when six is sooooo much better.

APPLICATION: See individual products and please see NOTE below.

  • The tuba. We're fairly confident that no other brand in the history of ever gives you a tuba, so never let it be said we don't go the extra parp.

NOTE: Due to the complexity of balancing very dense neon pigments with holographic sparkle, these polishes have a particularly fine microglitter that is slightly less intense than our standard holographic polishes. Please follow our application suggestions to make the sparkle pop, and please understand that, by necessity these polishes cannot have our usual holographic blaze as it dulls the neon pigment. As with all holographic polishes, the effects are enhanced by incandescent or flash lighting but if you would like a little more oomph, use Star Dust or any similar polish as your first top coat.

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  • Glammy McSpanglypants

    (The Event Horizon)

    Space-time has now broken down

    Hmmm.....I don't need the neons this year....I still have the beach ones and the pool ones and nothing can beat last year's fairground cos they were just the best thing ever and there's only so many wheels to reinvent and I haven't got any room, don't need, shouldn't get, already have. Yes, I have made a decision and nothing will sway m-



    So apparently you can't do neons-with-holo because technical reasons and pigments and I'm not really listening any more because, dammit, I want holo neons and I'm sad. Distract me with a flakie or something, you know I have the concentration span of an elderly gnat.

    So I'd put away my dreams of holo neons and just continued sloshing stardust on because I like to look slightly Chernobyl at all times. I have all the previous ones so no big deal, can't be done, I am at peace.

    Only she done it. And didn't even warn me. Here's me being all grown up and practicing good fis-cal-man-aj-ment (boo hiss bleeeeh) - I've even got to the point where I can pay the council tax and only cry for a day - and then she goes and makes these and the council tax can just bugger right off. There are priorities and then there are neon holos.

    The good news is that these are beyond fabulous and even brighter and more bling than the banging bottle shots (go Cat, you lil genius. Tho it's your bloody fault, I'd talked myself out of them until your pix showed up.) And for once I'm being serious when I say these are probably the best neon formula ever - we all love them so we allow for the fact they can be little bitches but these are just beautiful to use.

    And at least the leccy people will always get paid cos I need to admire the magnificence. Altho.....actually, they're pretty twinkly by candlelight. Nah, stuff the electric too. I have a wish-list to buy.

    *and yes, she extracted maximum Smug. "Thought you said you didn't want them?" Look, Sarah, we have a deal. I say really unbelievably stupid things like "no" and you're polite and don't remind me about said ridiculous utterances as you write the address label. This is how this works. I have the contract.